Laura - ZADI Surry Hills

Hi! My name is Laura, I am passionate about fitness since I was 15 years old and proud franchisee of ZADI Surry Hills studio.

I have a bachelor degree in business and transitioned to the Fitness industry 5 years ago, joining ZADI 2 years ago.

I believe that a healthy lifestyle is an active lifestyle! Starting a fitness business was a no-brainer for me, as I truly enjoy supporting women on achieving their fitness goals, while being part of a supportive community of likeminded individuals.

ZADI business model is focused on female specific strength and HIIT training programs. ZADi is trailblazing the industry providing this type of training specifically designed for females bodies and endorsed by exercise science.

Their business model resonates with my personality and how I approach training myself, pushing my own boundaries while having fun on the floor!

I love supporting women developing an active and healthy lifestyle, while learning from the bestow the industry. Being a ZADI franchisee and a fitness business boss means be part of a group of fitness professionals, all working together towards a common goal, to make ZADI the best female specific HIIT and strength training gym in the world

Lisa - ZADI Erina

Hi! My name Lisa, 

I’m a fitness enthusiast, mum of four and business woman. Over the past 15 years i have owned and operated businesses from trade to allied health sectors. 

I rediscovered my passion for fitness and the birth of my 2nd child (11yrs ago now!!) fast forward 2 more babies and a lifestyle now built around fitness, wellness and living in alignment with my valves and passions I decided to purse my dream of a career in women’s fitness. 

Over the years trying juggle all the balls of life i saw the need for a female focused gym environment where, regardless of your chosen path in life, women and girls have a safe gym space that is built on the foundation of empowering each and every member to reach their individual goals in a fun, supportive setting where, regardless of thier fitness level or knowledge every woman can thrive on their chosen paths. 

ZADI appealed to me on so many levels. 

Once i discovered ZADI moving from traditional business model to franchise was an easy why reinvent the wheel when Adala and the team have targeted this niche of the fitness space perfectly and being surrounded by a team on the same mission of empowering women through movement was a dream come true for me! 

As a lover of strength training myself, the combination of strength training and HITT with a direct focus on coaching correct technique so that women are learning to lift and move safely in a supportive space was an area i personally felt ZADI, with the use of technology and minimum coach numbers per class has really prioritised. 

The benefits of strength training on women’s overall all health and well being have been well documented yet there is still the misconception that we will gain huge amounts of muscle almost overnight, dispelling this and getting more women loading up barbells and lifting is a huge goal of mine. This combined with HITT ensuring that we are moving our bodies dynamically increasing our overall fitness levels and generally just getting as many women as possible moving and having fun daily enabling them to live thier life to the absolute fullest, whether that is keeping up with the kids, thier fast paced career or teenagers developing a love of fitness or supporting thier chosen sports goals.