Igniting Power - Sharing Passion.

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That is our belief, our core foundation and what we stand for. That’s why we’ve created a unique fitness movement designed exclusively for extraordinary women. Our goal is to connect a community of strong women who kick butt and have fun in the process.


At ZADI, we’re for women who unleash their own passion, strength and power in all aspects of their life.



Our beliefs & values

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ZADI is built on a foundation of strong, honest and relevant values. Our beliefs are timeless, authentic and real, and integrated throughout everything we do – our people, our programs and our culture.

At ZADI, we’re all about creating a strong and cheeky athletic footprint that will blaze a new trail in women’s fitness.

  • ZADI is 'Switched On': We’re progressive, smart and agile. We’re conscious of playing an active role and contribution to reshaping the future of fitness.
  • ZADI is 'No Bull*@#t': We tell it like it is – no fluff, just hard facts! We’re unapologetic but not rude. What you see is what you get.
  • ZADI is 'Impactful': We’re committed to making a difference in many ways. We’re fueled by helping positive and energetic women achieve real results.
  • ZADI is for 'Extraordinary Women': We believe in women that lead and inspire. That’s why we’ve created a new fitness movement that connects an exclusive community of strong and confident women.