The boutique studio for 'bad ass' women.

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ZADI is the latest fitness concept to hit Australian shores, offering:

  • Female-specific HIIT workout programs endorsed by exercise science

  • Innovative 'Australian first' bespoke technology

  • Smaller trainer/participant ratios (capped at 16 members per session)

  • A high-energy environment to keep you laser-focused on your workout

A true game-changer, ZADI is the first boutique fitness studio to offer HIIT and functional combination programs with the most effective metabolic circuit training methods, designed exclusively for women.

From the cutting-edge equipment to the latest bespoke technology with real-time heart rate monitoring and the nightclub atmosphere of the studio – the team at ZADI has created the perfect environment to ‘unleash the extraordinary’ in women.


Your workout, your way.

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1. Advanced heart rate monitoring. this will track just how hard you’re working during each and every session. Trust us, seeing what your body is actually doing in real-time will take your results to another level. But it doesn’t stop there – you can also track all your workouts from your exclusive ZADI app.


2. State-of-the-art technology. ZADI is working with industry leader TechnoGym to offer built-in, female targeted weight options with three levels of intensity to suit all fitness abilities. Bespoke video display with large screens show you what to do and how to do it (safely), while personalised experiences for each member will help guide and drive maximum results.

3. A workout space you actually want to hang out in. Bright lights. Loud music. A raw, industrial warehouse vibe to bring out your most bad-ass self. More nightclub than gym, this high-energy setting is guaranteed to get you in the mood to workout.

4. A movement of inspiring, empowered women - Promising to unleash the ‘extraordinary’ in women, ZADI is not for the faint-hearted. A ZADI woman is strong, focused, independent and lives life on her terms. Sound like you? Thought so.