At ZADI, we're not interested in following the ‘gym crowd’. From the get-go, we have set out to create a unique and authentic experience for women.

ZADI uses the most effective metabolic circuit training methods. Our female targeted workouts  are exclusive to ZADI and have been designed by renowned exercise scientist Damien Kelly.

Our workouts cover every key element – strength, cardio, flexibility and, of course, lots of core and booty, because we know the areas women need to target.

Our proven approach based on the FIIT principle is simply the most effective way to get fast results, look and feel amazing faster whilst being sustainable for long lasting results and – no bullsh*t

Class Types

HIIT Strength

Feeling strong and empowered while smashing goals is in our DNA at ZADI. We love lifting weights, because not only is it badass, it speeds up your metabolism, which effectively helps you burn more fat. But not only that, with the right technique lifting weights also builds strength and gives you a toned and sexy body. Our trainers are equipped with exercise science programs and specialised training to teach you how to lift with great form and safe movements. Plus, our smaller trainer-to-participant ratios mean we can keep the focus on YOU!

HIIT Cardio

Be bold, this is not for the fainthearted. After our no-excuses cardio classes, you’ll be left feeling like there’s nothing in the tank. But you’ll be buzzing and your endorphins will be pumping! Strap yourself in for an intense, fat-burning workout designed for every ZADI woman, of all fitness levels. You’ll get out what you put in with this fast high-intensity training, while smashing your cardio fitness goals. No two classes will feel the same.

HIIT Core & Booty

Build the core and booty of your dreams, now! Shape, tone and tighten your best assets, all while sweating through a signature ZADI female-focused, functional workout. Feel the burn with a combination of compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups, and activation exercises that will help you get results, fast! If you want to squat your way to a firm butt and start building those extraordinary rock-hard abs, this is the workout for you.

Stretch & Recover

We know success is all about balance and making time to hit refresh on our bodies when we’re working them hard. Our stretch classes are made to give you the recovery you need after a week of killing it in your HIIT classes and will help prevent injuries that busy ZADI women don’t have time for. Wind down, Stretch and foam roll into a new week of your favourite ZADI HIIT workouts.