Cardio Classes

Targeted workouts that aim to get your heart and lungs really working. Not only are these workouts golden for your health, they are hugely metabolic and leave you with a serious dose of feel good endorphins. Zadi cardio is generally done in a high intensity circuit format which allows us to really get the intensity up but also not compromise our muscles. This leads to toned muscles and maximum fat burn now and in the days and weeks to come.

It’s all about the chase in track star, and a new chase starts whenever you hear the timer go off guaranteed! You will be aiming to reach your personal reps target every minute of your session! The only rest available is in the time remaining of each minute. You need to keep focused, push hard and hit those rep targets before the next minute kicks in!

Promise you won’t hate us for this signature 60 minute long cardio HIIT treatment. It is a super high intensity circuit with zero breaks for six minutes. Take a short break and a quick sip of water before it’s time to HIIT and not quit once again! The good news? Stamina goes up while body fat goes down.

Short, Sharp, intense intervals that feel like Wham Bam Thank you Mam rounds on repeat. But be warned, the rush of endorphins and body fat burn you’ll get from this HIIT tabata ZADI style workout is sure to become addictive.

If you're gonna DO HIIT, DO HIIT RIGHT! A cardio  superset workout designed to HIIT HARD., Super high intensity, maximum effort, long rounds and minimal rest.  You will complete as many rounds of each superset as possible in  three lengthy full-body rounds of  back to back exercises  with no break in between each exercise. But, once a decent rest period awaits, then it’s time to begin a new round. We have also added fun short HIIT circuit rounds in between each superset  block using traditional cardio movements like running, boxing, jumping, and more!

Unleash extraordinary energy in our ‘choose your own adventure’ signature cardio endurance workout. You will be given 10-12 different exercises with target reps to reach for each exercise. Once the clock starts there is no stopping for the duration of the 30-35min workout time. However, the order in which you choose to complete the exercises and reps all is part of the adventure.

Become the envy of your girl gang while getting your sweat on in ZADI’S infamous cardio HIIT session that features body weighted exercises. These rounds and reps don’t lie! The fitter you get, the more volume your body will be able to handle. Progress at your own pace- No bullsh*t- No competition and never the same.

We’re promising that you will get FIT AF in this dual focused functional HIIT training workout. It’s for girls who want it all, yes we did say all! You will spend one half of the workout on high rep strength exercises to reach muscle fatigue, The other half of the workout is fun, faster paced cardio circuit where you will feel the burn even more all while feeling exhausted

Strength Classes

New age, exercise science designed strength training has the female body in the front of mind. We’re not building bulky body builders, instead lean and strong women’s bodies. Constantly changing reps, sets, exercises and workouts.

It’s your turn to dominate and tackle our brutal but exhilarating Alpha workout. You will be served with 3 blocks of 5-6 minute rounds to perform your maximum effort in each and every round. Alpha is a challenging experience like no other!

Beastie mode on, now let’s go! This workout is the epitome of ZADI HIIT Training sessions. Short, razor sharp multiple sets of intensity with very short breaks in between. Great test to your power and endurance while you’ll hate it at first, but it will quickly become a favorite (once you're done!) Here's an extra challenge, Aim to complete the same number of reps from the very first set, until the very last set. Not for the faint hearted, but it is a must try whoever you’re in beastie mode!

Boss up and take the rep challenge! In this workout, you get to make the executive decisions by choosing the order in which you complete all the exercises whilst you keep your eyes on theories- That is completing the total reps that need to get done.

You wanna hot body? You better train in this ZADI signature session B*tch! This is the 60 minute workout for extra strength and endurance gains. We have put together simple supersets with effective exercises, carefully selected to make a perfect pair, round after round. Except some serious muscle fatigue and a longer after burn effect in a workout that has had to earn its iconic name!

The best post workout selfies are taken after strength training and ZADI girls know it. You’ll reach selfie status after completing your maximum effort in each round. Featuring big compound moves like squats and deadlifts we’ll coach you from set the timer while you get to set the pace. No limits apply. This is pure strength endurance that screams burn baby burn.

Think a minute goes fast? Just. You. WAIt. This HIIT workout brings a whole new meaning to ‘gone in 60 seconds’- Think a minute goes  Start a new exercise every minute on the minute, complete the set number of reps until the next one begins! There are three rep targets to choose from so you can progress through the levels to reach unstoppable fitness highs and get firm!

Toned AF will be responsible for muscle burn that will last well past your post workout smoothie. This dual focused strength workout is part high rep strength endurance, and the other a more fast paced heart racing circuit. It will push you to your limit, fire your metabolism and trigger responses to define and tone your muscles.

Core & Booty Classes

New age, exercise science designed strength training has the female body in the front of mind. We’re not building bulky body builders, instead lean and strong women’s bodies. Constantly changing reps, sets, exercises and workodaily sedentary living in the 2020’s doesn’t leave a body in balance. Weak and lazy muscles throughout the body lead to pain and a lack of function. Zadi core and booty workouts target these lagging muscles to bring back synergy to our muscles, leaving us feeling taller, stronger and more resilient. Oh and yeah, they help to trim the waist and shape the booty!

Designed for a luxurious and far from humble workout mood. A workout incorporating cardio and lower body focus will sculpt, tone and firm up your body whilst your rate rate zones are high. Feel the booty burn and get results in this workout designed so you can do it all! A more freestyle workout which allows you to push towards efforts and personal bests which you are able to personalize and yes you can choose the order in which you can complete the workout.

You will rethink the way you define fatigue whilst you strut out of the session as an accomplished Goddess. A fat burning booty sculpting circuit style HIIT workout that will have you struggling to get your breath. The lower body exercise combinations which have been carefully selected then put together to compliment each relentless long round. Yes, it’s core and booty with a focus on cardio and muscle endurance. This workout has it all!

Working on our assets is always trending and this one of a kind high intensity lower body and core focused workout will isolate muscles you didn’t know you had. The focus is on high volume repetitions and longer rounds of work performed with great form and control under load. We will also focus on stability ,unilateral balance and of course, strength building. All whilst getting a cardio workout, your core, legs and booty will burn!

Who’s the Queen? You are B! Queen of the workout - It’s Queen Z! Perform two exercises in a superset, that will make your core and booty burn to death. Short rest between sets adds an extra burn, giving abs of steel and a peach that is firm.

Get peachy gains with high volume reps and back -to-backs. How?? You will repeat between 4-5 sets of the same exercise before moving onto the next after a short rest. To really chase a lower body burn that will end in tighter assets, our team has chosen all the must do!

To slay all day, you need a workout that gets results, Fast! Programmed using a tabata style slay day is one of the few training methods that has incredible anabolic and cardiovascular effects on the body in record time. Adding core and booty focus in the mix and we have a winner! Round after round, this session will have your muscles burning and heart racing to burn fat and fire up your metabolism. Known to give you the ‘DOMS’ We don’t recommend laughing or sitting down in the days following this workout!